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Let the summer begin!

We have celebrated the Father’s Day and welcome the summer past Sunday. Let the season begin for CBR. As Ig family goes, our 1st grader Skylar finished her school and officially began her summer break today. Yes, Jersey way of grade schoolers to be in school late until actual summer, perhaps school district always plans ahead for make up with snow days :). Our other daughter Soleil graduated her pre-K past Friday and will begin her K this coming school year, she may not be quite ready yet but we are certain she will be ready by the time school starts and grow along with the class. She is an early September born. Our littlest one Drake is getting so big now but yet no interest in potty training at all. Well, too bad he won’t get his swim lessons at Silton. He can just enjoy the pool at home. He sure is an active boy. 

We are excited and pumped to start this busy summer season and hopefully can balance and dance beautifully between business and family fun throughout the season. In addition, we are looking forward to shed some winter weight by carrying cribs/equipment and be constantly on the move. Certainly a win win situation for us. Happy summer to each and everyone of us!!!!


The 5 Igs

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