About Us

We are the Ignatowicz family—“The Igs,” as we are affectionately known.

There are five of us: Mark and Samantha, along with Skylar (age 5), Soleil (age 3) and Drake (age 1).

We are excited and thrilled to be the new caretakers of Coastal Baby Rentals, and we are committed to carrying on the business and delivering the same excellent customer service established by Founder Stephanie Frith.

So how did we get here to the Jersey Shore? It’s been an interesting journey to say the least, and it seems as if we’ve finally come full circle. You see, Mark grew up in the Garden State and has always felt the magnetic pull of the Jersey Shore, even when living on the opposite coast. On the other hand, Sam was born worlds away-literally—in Burma. We connected in the San Francisco Bay Area working in the semiconductor and engineering industries. But then the corporate world took us on a whirlwind tour to multiple locations across the country. Each one of our kids was born in a different time zone: Skylar in California, Soleil in Minnesota, and Drake in New Jersey. But enough is enough. We wanted stability, and we chose Wall, NJ.

Why does this matter? Put simply, we have much experience packing and moving and visiting and traveling—more than most families. And we understand the challenges of traveling with a party of five. Children are a blast! Dragging premium, safe and clean baby equipment around the country is not.

As luck would have it, we stumbled across Coastal Baby Rentals on one of our visits to the Jersey Coast. What a revelation. In fact, we were so enthralled with our experience that we decided to ditch the corporate life and buy the business.

That’s our story. Now we’re here, firmly dug-in as part of the Jersey Coast community year round. We are committed here. And we are committed to providing you with the same premium and reliable baby equipment for all your family visits with friends and family. These are the very same products that we use with our family. Really!

South Shore Management Team – Welcome The Matusz Family

Staring summer of 2018, CBR full time staff Paul Matusz’s wife Jackie joins CBR team and managing the South Shore area as the Matusz team. Jackie and Paul have 2 small children, Vivian (5) and Dylan (2). They are great additions and huge support to CBR and The Igs.